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Casting Couch HD

This girls will do anything to be in a music video!


This site is brought to you by the same guys who do Net Video Girls and in fact when you join this site you get access to NVG as well as Net Girl! You only have to pay $15 for the first month but then it rebills at the regular price of $29.80. That's one month at half price which I think is always a good deal. This is the one and only deal you're going to find for this site and the amount of content if offers you really shouldn't pass this up. The story with this Casting Couch HD site is that these girls show up to a producers house. He is usually pretending to be casting for music videos mostly rappers. These girls are so caught up in thinking they're going to be dancing in a rappers video that they will do just about anything for the job. Including sleeping with the producer. He usually talks with them for some time and then he lets them know, they can have the job but only if they fuck him and most of the time they go for it. Sometimes though you get to see a girl just walk out LOL!

Backroom Casting Couch

There is not job girls, just a fake producer.


Backroom Casting Couch is pretty damn famous. They've been talked about and covered in the news, Howard Stern and just on and on. They are one of the few sites out there that actually have amateur girls showing up on their website. They don't pass of pornstars as amateurs like everyone else these are girls who are trying to get into porn but they just showed up on the wrong casting couch LOL! The guy doing the site just pretends to be a casting director and he spring it on them that they need to do a test video and the guy who will be in the scene with them is well him! It works a lot, and it fails a lot LOL but man does it make for some entertaining porn. Rick is also the king of the surprise creampie. He will just cum in a girl and then ask them afterwards if they're on birth control LOL! This site offers discounts from time to time and right now you can get in at $19.99, which is awesome considering most people pay $29.80! The other thing that makes this a great discount is that it rebills at $19.99 as well, not just the first month! I'll try and keep up to date with their latest deal but just so you know this deal will expire I just don't know when!

Go Go Bar Auditions

Thai girls willing to fuck to get a job at a gogo bar.


This is the only casting couch type of Asian porn site I can think of and the guys who are running it are genius. They are paying rent on top of a go go bar and they pretend to own the joint. Then they put out ads looking for girls who want to be a go go dancer. Now when they come to interview the guys put them through the process, having them dance and everything. They tell them how much money they're going to make on and on. Then for the closing pitch it's quite simple. They tell the girls if they will have sex with them then they will get the job. These girls want the job and money so bad that of course they do it and you get to see all the action on the camera's these guys have hidden around. At times too the guys will pull a real crazy stunt and just cum right inside of these chicks without even asking! Just bam, hope you are on birth control LOL. Anyways this is a great site and right now if you join through us you will get it for just $19.95. If you're feeling crazy you can just go at it on your own and pay $29.95 up to you.

Thai Girls Wild

Hot Exotic Thai Amateur Girls Fucked Raw!


Some of these Asian amateur chicks will do ANYthing to make it big on the internet, and Thai Girls Wild shows just how far they'll go! These sexy exotic amateur cuties are getting naked and showing off, sucking cock, and getting fucked...without a condom. These girls want a taste of the bigtime and if that means getting fucked on camera and taking a creampie load of cum in the pussy well so be it! This is a great site and at $14.95/month the price can't be beat...especially when you're also getting FREE access to some of the other sites on this network such as Creampie In Asia, Thai Pussy Massage, and tons more!